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Starting a Business

So you're thinking about starting a business. The detail below will explain to you what type of business we can help you start, operate and grow. 

Let's get started!

Starting a Business

For Entrepreneurs;

First Time Owners


And Everyone Else

Starting a Business in Any of the 50 States

So you are ready to start a business? I am sure you’re excited and scared all at the same time, having mixed feelings and all the like but, no worries, I will make this as painless as possible.  I am in the business of assisting creative persons’ like you in manifesting their ideas.  The first thing is what is it exactly that you’d like to do?  Once you know this we can work out the rest of the details for your new business.  

When starting your new business there’s really no need to be concerned about cost, let’s get that out of the way right now and start with your dream and vision.  This is the creative part of you that has decided to start this business, keep your focus there and all the rest of the business will come together as we build it.

As we build your business the most important part besides your vision is a financially sound legal structure, this is where I come in.   I want to build the best and most tax efficient business for you that I can create.  Along with a solid structure, I want to help you maintain your finances and grow your business along the way.  By going this route, you have a business built in which you can leverage for business loans and capital from investors from the very beginning. 

Let’s go ahead and make some options right now.

  1. Name of the business (Please pick two names)

  2. What type of business structure?

    1. LLC (Limited Liability)

    2. Corporation (C or S Corp)

    1. Send me an email for more information if you’re not sure about your business structure

  3. Registration of your business with the Federal, State and Local government

  4. Create your Business Plan

  5. Create your Startup financials

  6. Operating Agreement

  7. Minutes

  8. Resolutions

  9. And Much More………

Starting a Business Options:

Start Up Business Package (Limited Liability Company- LLC) or (Sole-Owner)

Start Up Business Package (Corporation)

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